Team Users Manual

Planning and executing a high-maturity team project is a complex endeavor, regardless of the tool in use. The team features in the dashboard are designed to facilitate and simplify these planning tasks, but there will still be a learning curve. Team leaders who are accustomed to using other TSP(SM) tools can benefit from documentation to accelerate this learning curve.

To this end, Tuma Solutions has developed a Users Manual for the team features in the Process Dashboard. This Users Manual is targeted for teams that have been trained in the use of the TSP, and wish to use the dashboard to support their projects. The manual is organized chronologically, laying out the exact steps that should be taken before, during, and after a project launch. In this way, it helps teams to avoid complications that might arise during the launch from misunderstandings of tool usage.

The Team Users Manual is provided as full-text-searchable online help, beginning with version 1.10 of the Process Dashboard. If you have installed version 1.10 or higher of the Process Dashboard, just choose "C > Help > Help Topics" from the main dashboard toolbar, and look for the "Team Use Help" heading. Alternatively, you can browse the team help online.